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photoBeed (KANKALESHWAR), thus, is an icon of virtues. Commitment and undeterred, unqualified devotion to the duty is the message that fills the air of this beautiful region.

Beed is at the south of Maharashtra, eight hours of motor drive from Mumbai, ten Hours from Hyderabad and hardly five hours from Pune. Like its rich historical heritage, it is also rich with natural resources, surrounded by agricultural land and flowing river Bindusara
Being agricultural region, it is full of fresh air. This nature of the City has provided an insulation from a number of social evils, which have, otherwise threatened other metropolitan cities.

Beed, therefore, provides a perfect environment for education. Creating an environment for learning makes the difference in education. Beed has all that in abundance. Students need devotion, and it is in the air of Beed, making it an ideal place for an educational institution. It's different...!